...Even More Testimonials From Real People Whose Lives Have Been
Changed and Enhanced By Brian's
"Advertising Magic"
  • Walt Fifer, Distributor of Gary Null Health Products, Boulder, CO 80303

    Dear Brian, Advertising Magic is like nothing I've ever seen before on creating powerful ads and sales letters. I am in awe and impressed with the amount of valuable information found in your power-packed manual and the four audio cassettes."

    "One of the things I like most is how you lay everything out in an easy to follow....step by step fashion. Each part of creating a great sales letter or ad is explained in detail! You really tell all the secrets!"

    "Another thing I really like is your conviction that anybody can create great ads and sales letters once they understand how. And....your system does just that!"

    "And, what you teach on turning features into powerful benefits alone will probably make me ten times the meager price I paid for the course. Over the years I've purchased a lot of marketing programs but absolutely nothing compares to your Advertising Magic program. I'm really grateful that I purchased your program and that you decided to share this super money making information with others."

  • Burt Dubin, Burt Dubin Speaking Success System, AZ 86402 

    I ordered your Advertising Magic program a couple of months ago. Since my letter was working profitably already, I felt that if I got an added 5% to 8% increase in response after integrating your ideas I'd be satisfied."

    "So, using your ideas, I created a new letter. After 4 weeks my sales did not go up the 5% to 8% I hoped for. Brian, my sales doubled! And I blame it all on you. Your ideas are so simple, so easy to use, they're just plain amazing! I've never seen such persuasion power."

    "If anyone has the slightest doubt about the value of your Advertising Magic program, have them call me. I'll set them straight. You could charge triple and it would still be a great bargain.

  • Brian J. Kay, Niche Marketer, New York 11050  

    "Dear Brian, I recently got a copy of your "Advertising Magic" course - WOW!"

    "Let me just say that I personally spend over $10,000 a year on books, tapes, and seminar programs to enhance my knowledge of direct marketing."

    "I've read practically every book ever written on the subject of copywriting. Your course did an excellent job of synthesizing everything I've ever read or heard on the topic in one easy to understand course."

  • Ralph Brinks, Brinks Marketing, P.O. Box 789, Atascadero, CA 93423

    "As long as I'm writing you, please know that I found your information to be absolutely outstanding! I am a "life-time" subscriber with Gary Halbert, I have in the past subscribed to Ted Nicholas, and some others. Although every one of these has its merits, I can truly say that your teaching materials are the most down-to-earth, totally practical, and valuable I have ever had!"

    "I was an Editor with one of the Divisions of McGraw-Hill Book Company, and considered myself a "pretty good" writer. Your course, I feel, has 'finished off', my education in this field!"

    "Thanks also for the excellent Bonus -- your reviewing my promotional materials! Please do not worry about hurting my feelings -- I want the absolute best for these promo pieces!"

  • Ken Kerr, AdMark, Inc., Reno, Nevada 89502   

    "Brian, I always thought you were a genius... now I know you are a genius! Advertising Magic is not only the best thing ever written on how to write "Killer" copy, but it virtually stands alone. It's awesome! Serling, Halbert, Kennedy, Nicholas, none of them have even scratched the surface compared to your Advertising Magic."

    "Brian, I can't put it down. There is more "hard-hitting", "profit-generating", information in one chapter of your book than in the rest of my entire library."

  • David Alford, Supersalesman Systems, Tucson, Arizona 85716   

    "Dear Brian, Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with ADVERTISING MAGIC! Received it yesterday, and can hardly put it down. In fact, I stayed up until 2:30 AM reading it (and have barely scratched the surface of everything you've included)."

    "This is exactly what I should have known years ago because it would have saved me a lot of lost money and dead ends. "

    "I market information products, and am supercritical of the fluff and B.S. I see all too often. Your program definitely gets an "A Plus" rating from me. It's a MUST buy for anyone who is serious about making money with advertising and direct mail."

  • Michael Katz, RT Innovations, Inc. Washington, DC 20016   

    "Your manual is the most complete and thorough "how to" on writing ads and sales letters that I have found. I have ordered other books and home study courses from some of the better known direct marketing experts."

    "They usually hold back on their most valuable tips, saving them for their more expensive materials or seminars. In "Advertising Magic" you share many valuable tips which other experts would probably keep to themselves as "inside secrets."

    "In particular, I found your instructions on surveying customers and soliciting testimonials to be very valuable. Many direct mail "gurus" tell you to get testimonials, but I have never before seen instructions on specifically how to do it. Your method is both easy and effective."

  • John Avrea, Mortgage Reduction Program, CA 93402    

    "I've read all of Jay Abraham's materials and found some good information. But there's nothing else available that isolates each aspect of a sales letter and goes into detail about how to do it, other than Advertising Magic. Not only is Advertising Magic a precise, wonderful program, you are a wonderful person and I'm glad our paths have crossed!"

  • Al Robinson, Copywriter, Chicago, IL 60643

    "Dear Brian, My name is Al Robinson and I just wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself and tell you what a great job you have done with your '`Advertising Magic" product."

    "Your "Advertising Magic" course is absolutely the best course on copywriting in the world and I have bought two previous courses before yours. You are without a doubt the hands down winner in giving detailed and understandable ad writing information."

    "I just want to say "Thank You" and I think your course was well worth every dime that I paid. 

    I have learned a tremendous amount from it. You really poured your heart, soul, and guts into this product and you have given me a wealth of knowledge that will hopefully make me one of the greatest copywriters in the world."

    "I give you full permission to use any of my comments in any of your publications and advertisements. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in creating money-making advertising and sales letters."

  • Eli Deutsch, Telecommunications Service, NJ 08053   

    "Dear Brian, I want to also tell you that I have read your manual 3 times. I found it easy to read and understand. I am confident that the more I use it, the better my letters and ads will be. I've read Hopkins, Oglvy, Caples, Halbert, Abraham, Melven Powers…. Your book is one of only a few information products that I have purchased that I feel will actually benefit me. Thank You."

  • Emillio and Blanch Librero, Librero's School & Dance Club Inc., Tampa, FL 33606 

    "Dear Brian, Let me start by saying you wrote a fine instructional book. A difficult thing to do. I purchased your Advertising Magic Course about six months ago and have studied it diligently."

    "My wife, Blanche, and I have successfully operated a Dance Studio in Tampa, Florida since 1979. Since ours is an active city we cater mainly to professional couples 40 to 60 years old with incomes over $60,000."

    "Although we have learned a great deal about our business and customers over the past 17 years, we could not believe how much more we were able to learn from your course. Your chapter on Empathy has given us a new awareness of our customers and how to improve our service to them."

    "We now have a waiting list of customers (something unheard of in this business). We are planning to use the same concept in the recruiting and training of new teachers."

    "I would like to thank you for your outstanding course.It is educating, entertaining & easy to read (a tribute to your copywriting skills). Advertising Magic has been a very good investment for us."

  • Jason Peery, Peery Publications, UT 84604

    "Brian, I wasn't sure whether to order your program or not. I can't tell you how glad I am I did!! I've read upwards of 100 marketing books, advertising courses, and your Advertising Magic is without question the most potent, money-making thing I've ever read. It will without question boost my profitability far beyond the puny price I paid for it. (You should charge $1,000 or 2,000 for it, in my opinion. Even then, it would be a steal.)"

    "I love how you've brought everything together and made sense of it. I've stayed up 'til 2:00 a.m. the last two nights reading the course, and it's terrific."

    "Oh, one more thing--I appreciate your complete honesty and your kind-heartedness. It's a rare trait in a world where I've been ripped off more than I'd like to admit. Thanks again, Brian. You're the best!"

  • Ed Shiraki, CA 91342

    "Dear Brian, Being new to direct mail, I need a lot of direction. Your book has the nuts & bolts to get me a running start. I've read other books, but none of them give practical instructions on how to get started. Your book is easy to understand, well-organized, common-sense and witty."

    "My son, who is a recent college grad, took one look at it and begged me to buy it for him. (He's promised to pay me back when he makes it big). PS: Brian, please use my name, address & phone if you want to. It would be my pleasure."

  • Michael Manual, MM Information Resources,  New Hope, PA l8938   

    "Brian, I can't thank you enough for your help. Out of all the copywriters and advisors on direct marketing, I can't commend you highly enough."

    "You're brilliant, kind and generous with your knowledge. I know that I owe to your expertise greatly-improved results over what I have been able to do myself - and I'm not that bad a writer."

    "Your advice has raised my levels of response substantially. If anybody's doing anything in direct marketing, they should talk to you first. Thanks a million."

  • Donald Lisefski, Mothers At Home Resource Center, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 

    "I just wanted to write to offer my sincere congratulations and thanks for your book Advertising Magic. I have purchased many other books on direct mail marketing, advertising, and copywriting including some of the 'classics'. I always started reading them with excitement, but somehow after just a few chapters or so, they end up just sitting on my bookshelf. Not so with Advertising Magic! The first week I actually stayed up reading it until midnight. I just couldn't put it down!"

    "The information you give in the course is both lively and practical. But more important, it is REAL. Not only do you show a tremendous depth of understanding about human nature and the sales process -- something others only begin to touch on -- but your presentation is so sincere and down to earth it makes the knowledge and guidance you give very real and applicable to any marketing situation."

    "I am certain that the money I paid for Advertising Magic was way too little. Just the chapter on Research Magic alone will probably save me tens of thousands of dollars."

    "I honestly think you should charge more for the book. It's a goldmine of practical knowledge and techniques that anyone could use right away to greatly improve their understanding of the direct marketing and sales process."

  • Ronnie Trent, Carpenter,Harrah, OK 73045

    "I really love Advertising Magic. I have gone over it again and again. Each time I come across something that stands out or sticks in my mind that I didn't quite understand before."

    "Writing is a real chore for me, and I'm rather slow at putting together sales letters. But with Brian's program, anytime I get stuck or have writers block, I just go back to his course and get new ideas or find out what I'm doing wrong. It gets me started again. This is a course to use over and over again."

  • Ed Durham, Home Income Report,Willingboro, NJ 08046-1620   

    "As a direct marketer for some 20 years and as Editor of a newsletter for home-based businesses, I have reviewed and used hundreds of books and courses on advertising and direct marketing, your Advertising Magic is in a class by itself."

    "The course is power packed with tested ideas worth hundreds of times more than the meager price you are asking. I was flabbergasted by the sheer amount of heavy duty knowledge your course contains and the ease with which you convey it."

    "Brian, I am indeed thankful to have made your acquaintance. Even though we have not met personally, I count you among my true friends. Your manner is so genuine and caring. I wish you and your family the very best that God has to offer."

  • Robert Blackman, Diversified Enterprises, Norman, OK 73071   

    "After reading your Advertising Magic I wrote a full page ad. Although I thought I was a good copywriter, I learned more after reading Brian's book than I had in the past 7 years! But the proof is in the results… this ad has pulled 2 to 4 times its cost every time I've used it. It's by far the best ad I've ever written and I give the credit for it's success to Brian's course, and his brilliance!"