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In the last 4 months I have read five or more books about writing ad copy and, without a doubt, your book "Secrets to Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell" was by far the best.  It's because it doesn't just tell me how to write killer sales letters, it digs right down and SHOWS me exactly how to compose ad copy that really sells! 

I have already increased sales on one of my products using a specific tip in your book. I now have your book's icon on the desktop of both my pc's. I will not be writing any more ad copy without it. You can quote me on that. Thanks for everything!

David Christensen


The Net Is A "Marketing Palooza" If You Just Approach It Right !

You have heard people say that you can get rich on the Internet. I don't know that most of us can do that but I do know there is a lot of  money to be made if you do it right. Professional Internet marketers, that have mastered the techniques of writing compelling ads and powerful sales presentations, quietly and consistently earn six figure incomes. It is not accomplished with some esoteric talisman and it is something you can learn to do with the knowledge in this book.

There is money to be made on the Internet but you need a compelling and effective sales presentation, regardless of your product or service, or you are dead meat. The beauty of the Net is that you have a virtual storefront, with a global presence, operating 24 hours a day without employees, high business rents, or the many other expenses associated with a retail operation, to drain your profits.

What a pleasant surprise after 2 yrs of being just a backend [sale] or buying just another rewrite of the same old stuff.  Finally, something that gives you an edge, an insight to yourself. If you are selling reprint rights to this e-book please allow me the pleasure of owning a sure money maker. Keep up the good work Mr Silber. You are a breath of fresh air.

D.R. Lantz

Despite the awesome power of the Internet, 
why are 99% of the businesses failing?

The answer is you need to do what works and like everything else you need to spend a little money to make a lot more money. You can't just put up a website and be guaranteed instant prosperity. This ebook will show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. Whether you need to start from scratch or just fine tune your ad or sales presentation, you will now have the tools you need.

"I've read it twice and I have to say it's a wonderful book!  No one should try to market products on the Net without reading your book first..."

Miguel Alvarez

Don't Fall Into The Same Trap As 99% Of The 
Online Businesses That Wither And Die!

Your good news is that most of your competitors won't make it and with the techniques in this ebook you will. It is common knowledge that every job, business, trade, profession and craft has techniques that must be learned in order to be successful. The Internet is no different.< If you are serious about making money If you are serious about making money on the Net remember it is not a get rich overnight business. Internet success takes time, effort and knowledge. There is no easy get rich quick method so you need to spend the time to learn to do it right. Either you will or you won't and your success will be determined on the choice you make.

Now what you are about to read is amazing but true. Most of your competition wants to successfully sell their product or service online but their downfall is that they are on a continuing quest to do it without spending a dime. They waste their time each day looking for free information and free services and expect to be successful. These same people may even have a successful business off-line and yet they abandon all business sense when they want to sell a product or service on the Net.

They know what they are presently doing is wrong because they aren't selling anything. The Net isn't working for them. Instead of jumping up and down with joy that they can make money with an online business for peanuts, compared to the cost of an off-line business operation, they stubbornly refuse to spend any money to learn the techniques to do it right themselves or even to outsource the work to those that have the expertise.

What they should know is that you can be guaranteed that none of the successful entrepreneurs are giving away all of their secrets, tricks, tips and knowledge for free. That valuable information is reserved for their paying clients.

"Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell" 
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The Psychological Magic Of Words - Writing Words That Scream "Buy Me" !

"I just finished reading "Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell" and I have to say, thanks for sharing.  When it comes to direct response, I'm all ears.  And even thought I've devoured almost every book on the subject (worth reading that is), your trip into the "mind of magic words" really provided some useful insights.  

I love creating sales letters, and now I have "never before thought of systems" (by me that is) of "getting what I want" through persuasive conversation in print.  I imagine with what I learned (and will continue to learn) from this to-the-point-book, I'll add another five or six thousand to my bottom line each month.  So like I said, thanks!"

Chayden A. Bates

You'll discover easy to use, step-by-step writing tips, tricks & tactics that will increase your sales and profits, and you'll learn exactly how To ...

  • You Will Utilize The Techniques That Turn Your Words Into Psychological Sales Magnets.

  • You Will Learn What To Do And How To Do It.

  • You Will Fine Tune And Hone Your Presentations Into Razor Sharp Instruments, That Slash And Carve Through The Built In Subconscious Mental Blocks, Of Every Prospect That Sees It.

  • You Will Cripple Sales Resistance With An Unstoppable Juggernaut Of Word Techniques That Go For The Jugular.

  • You Will Learn The Alchemy Of Sales Writing And How To Push The Right Mental Buttons That Activate The Emotional Buying Triggers That Exist In Every Reader's Psyche

  • You Will Learn To Write Compelling Ads & Presentations Ripping Your Competition To Shreds.

  • You Will Draw 1000's Of New Visitors To Your Website Anytime You Want To Present Your Product Or Service To Them Utilizing The One Technique Better Than Paid Advertising, Guaranteed.

  • You Will Be Able To Launch You And Your Website From Obscurity To A Guru Omnipresence Overnight.

  • You Will Have Others Eager To Promote Your Business And Website.


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"The information focusing on the human psyche
was the key that I apparently have been looking for, to
open the door of my understanding marketing in general. A damn good job!!!"

Nashid Rahmaan


This Technique Will Result In Significant New Traffic To Your Site Every Time !

Have You Ever Tried To Have An Article Published By One Of The Major Ezines With A Large Circulation Of Subscribers? It Isn't Easy As Evidenced By This Quote From one successful online marketer.

Marketer Monique Harris from her site at

Tuesday, July 6, 1999 - "Next I ordered a 3-line classified ad in the infamous DEMC e-zine, (I say 'infamous' because they claim to have 275,000 subscribers.) I've tried... and tried... and TRIED to get my articles published in DEMC, to no avail. So I figured it was time to pull out the old credit card, and really get down-to-business. It comes out every Wednesday and Saturday, so I'll keep you abreast."

Utilizing The Techniques In This Ebook, You Will Learn How Our Articles Have Been Published Each & Every Time, Without A Single Rejection, By The Major Circulation Ezines, Including DEMC with 275,000 subscribers, InternetDay with 150,000 subscribers and WebPromote Weekly with 400,000 subscribers. For example, my latest article was published in WebPromote Weekly at and their ads start at $8,000.00 per issue.

You Will Discover The One, Single Sentence That You Can Use That Will Virtually Guarantee Your Work Will Be Published Every Time.

"From the opening page, which in itself is an attention grabber, to the last word, Bob Silber has delivered another outstanding must read ebook. The book is written in a way that offers a lot to the beginner while at the same time keeping the more experienced marketer interested to the very end. Bottom line. GET IT!"

Dave Kelly

Interviews With DEMC & InternetDay With Tips From The Editors On Getting Published.

DEMC has a readership of over 275,000 subscribers and Internet Day has a readership of over 150,000 subscribers. You Will Learn what they look for, in their own words, before deciding to publish an article.

"Bob Silber's book is an innovating, down to earth
book that grabs you by the hand and teaches you what you need to know to write a sizzling sales page that sells."

Teresa King 

Here Is My Personal No Risk Guarantee & Promise

Try "Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell" for 30 days.  Put it to the test.  Use it. If at anytime during those 30 days you feel that "Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell"  isn't everything we said it was, or if it isn't everything you expected it to be, or for any reason at all, then you can get a full refund.  

We are so confident that you will agree with us when we say, "We Don't Just Deliver - We Over Deliver," that we will assume all the risk and offer this full money back guarantee!  Just contact me, I will refund your money.  No reason needed, no questions asked, period. 

Wishing you success,

Bob Silber

"On that note, while I'm at it, let's talk about Bob Silber's "Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell". I'm sure you guys have read it. WOW. Double WOW! 

Not just an ebook on ad writing...uh, uh. More like a treatise on literary astistry (but don't worry, he DOES teach ya how to write that killer Net ad).

Bob is a Master writer. Yep. Read his book and you'll see..."

Kenneth Tang

Been There - Done That

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Bob Silber offers a unique approach, and shares some
creative ideas, to writing ads & headlines that get results.

Bryan Kumar

Available In 2 Formats: E-book Is Available For Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or above or Adobe PDF format which doesn't require Windows.  

Windows Internet Explorer on your computer, which is a free downloadable program from       

If you don't have Windows Internet Explorer you can use Adobe Reader, which is also a free downloadable program from

Wow! Your new ebook, "Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell" is just jam packed with value information and techniques I've never seen anywhere else. What a valuable resource for the Internet Entrepreneur!. Great Job!

Shelley Lowery



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