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We offer  a generous 50 % commission on the first tier and 10% on the second tier to our Affiliates. By simply displaying a banner or text link  for the Surefire Profits affiliate   program on your web page(s), you'll become an affiliate of a highly respected, high in demand program you'll be proud to market, and GET PAID a generous 50% of all resulting sales from your site.

With second tier commissions, you'll have the chance to earn even more money when your visitors sign up to be our Affiliates. Each visitor that clicks through to our site and signs up to become an Affiliate  will be placed in your second tier -- which means you'll earn 10% on each sale they make!  

Here's how it works:

Whenever anyone at your site clicks on our banner or text link, a cookie containing your unique account ID tags the user for the next  365 days. If this visitor buys anything from the Surefire Profits Network websites at any time within these 365 days we will pay you 50% of the purchase price - and you'll get paid monthly.  On a sale of Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box for instance, that's a quick and easy $348.50 per sale.

As you can imagine, just a few sales made as a result of a banner or endorsement on your site -- could mean a substantial extra income with no real work on your part. It's a "no-brainer"! Hmmm, post a banner - get paid. What a concept!

Simply fill out a brief registration form below and all the info you need to get started
 will be sent to you via e-mail within seconds. Plus, you'll have your very own personal, secured "administration page", where you can see real-time statistics on your website's activity, click-throughs, commissions earned, etc.

Becoming a Surefire Profits  partner is simple and it's FREE - for now. You have nothing to lose and plenty of extra income to gain. Be set up within a few minutes by following the easy directions below. We invite you to become part of a winning team that's taking the net by storm! Please go ahead, read our Agreement and fill in the form below to get started right away.


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You will be contacted within 5 minutes by email with your special assigned URL and easy instructions on how to get everything set up immediately.

If you experience any problems, please call: 541-736-9631 or 1-877-636-9631 or contact our SUPPORT DESK



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