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"How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, 
And Web Marketing Pieces That Sell Like Crazy"

"If you've been desperately looking for a step-by-step system for pumping out explosive, impossible-to-ignore ads and sales letters that make you money... time and time again then this is it! It's a MUST buy at a price you'd be crazy to resist"  

Miguel Alvarez (The Editor!)


"Literally  a goldmine of easy to use, step-by-step copywriting tips, tricks & tactics that will increase anyone's sales and profits exponentially.

Consider your investment a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are going to lose in your lifetime without this powerful multi-million dollar, street-smart education.

Alan Fukuda


"Bob Serling's copy is always on target. He's never failed to get results. In a way, I hate to let the secret out, because I know that good news travels fast!

"The results were phenomenal!"

Marla Covin, Senior Account Executive 
Schroffel Associates


"Bob Serling made copy changes for our catalog. The resultswere phenomenal. When you consider how much money Bobactually made for us, his services are one of the best bargains I've ever come across."

Ray Melissa, President
Mailer's Software Catalog



"One word -- WOW! I was truly amazed at the amount and quality of the information provided in this great course. Copywriting is not my strong suit -- therefore I've bought several courses, eBooks, and memberships.....if only I had found this one first!  Once again, Colin,  a truly superb product!"

Diane Hughes
President, HNB Resources

"I've read tons of books on the subject, but this package is completely different. Imagine the feeling of having 23 of the greatest copywriters in the world by your side, guiding you through the entire process... For the first time it's actually 'easy' to follow the logic behind a winning sales letter - All the motivational triggers that will help you create massive sales are revealed and broken down into a proven, winning formula.

"You actually see their best sales pieces dissected before your eyes... You get inside the heads of the 23 experts as they explain 'exactly' why their best sales pieces work so well. They reveal exactly what was going on in their minds when they wrote each component... And then you discover how you can easily put their system to work for you. (The keyword here is "easy" - you even get an amazingly simple 14 step sales letter formula that you can start using right away!)

"I know, effective copywriting used to be hard - but now these guys literally give you all their secrets and help you break it down into a simple, powerful step-by-step system... Armed with this formula you'll be able to create sales pieces that bring in massive results for you from day one.

"Get it, and I guarantee you'll never have to study another word about copywriting from here on. You'll know that you'll be able to maximize your profits on every project, and do it instantly... Let me tell you, it's a great feeling.

"Trust me, get "Million Dollar Ads" today - the investment will pay for itself right away. The course has my highest recommendation (and it's the 'only' resource on the subject I'll be recommending to my clients from here on.)"

Martin Franzen
Internet Marketing EXPOSED


"You immediately increased our profits on one project by a very real 917%!

"He's never failed to get results"

Phil Kratzer, CEO 
National Response Corporation


"I have been in the info-marketing business for years and have, in my quest to write compelling copy bought almost every book there is on copywriting. None of them come anywhere close to this SUPERB course. This is truly a masterpiece"

Felix Ibay
President Business Success Associates, Canada 


"You increased our sales by a whopping 328%!

Bruce Elliott
President - The Gold And Diamond Center

"Truly the Ultimate Copywriting Resource you could ever hope to get your hands on. No sane marketer should be without it. Ignore it at your own peril!"

Bob Silber, JD
Author, Lecturer & Marketing Consultant
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



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