Creating Irresistible Offers That No Sane Human Can Refuse!

by Brian Keith Voiles

I want to bust open the floodgates and drench you with some of the most important advice you will ever get about creating winning marketing materials. I'm going to discuss 2 little-known secrets about creating killer offers, and how following them can shoot your results through the roof. First of all though, you need to understand that the offer is simply "the deal". In other words, it answers the following questions:

What does the reader get? 

What does he have to do to get it?

What are you going to do to make it absolutely irresistible for him to take you up on the deal?

Secret #1 -  Put Your Best Foot Forward The First Time, 
                          No Matter What 

Now, please, listen carefully to what you're about to learn. Come closer. Good. Too many people fail to make the offer as irresistible as possible the first time they mail a letter or run an ad. They make wimpy guarantees, set their price too high, and pinch pennies on their mailing by mailing bulk or using labels.

Then, they waste the rest of their lives making the offer better and better, thinking that if they just sweeten the pot a little and be more generous with their offer, people will buy their product and THEN they'll be rich. 5 years and 20 thousand dollars later, after finally getting up the guts to make the most generous offer they can think of, they realize that their product never was going to sell.


So give your product and promotions its best shot. If your best isn't good enough, walk away and be grateful you knew better than to spend half your life and half your inheritance from you grandmother on the project. So when you're testing to see if a project works, make sure you do the following:

Mail first class, not bulk. Use a live, spit-stuck stamp.

Don't use mailing labels or anything else that screams out, "Hey, I'm JUNK MAIL!"

Make a powerful guarantee. Not a lame 15- or 30-day deal. Make it 90 days or a year. (Contrary to popular belief, you'll get have fewer refunds with a one-year guarantee than with a 15 or 30-day guarantee.) I'll talk about why another time. Offer the option to call an 800 number and use a credit card, if at all possible. (Call Cardservice to set up a merchant account. It's not too difficult these days.) Mail to the very best list you can find, or run your ad in the most targeted publication you can find. Don't go advertising in USA today, thinking you'll sell the whole world. 

Offer as many bonuses as you possibly can (make them valuable, desirable bonuses that you can produce for cheap)

Secret #2 - Stick the offer up front and watch your sales soar 

Look. I don't know about you, but most advertisers tuck their offer towards the end of their ad or letter, worried that people will chuck their ad in the round file (the trash) if they catch wind of any sale going on. I'm not saying that you should never "sneak up" on your reader and woo them before you reveal the price. If fact, if I write a very personal sales letter, which is personalized and extremely homey, my letter will look and sound just like the kind I send to my grandmother. But most of the time, when you need more time to make your case on paper, you can't dance around and play "hide the weenie" forever. People get annoyed and perturbed at this kind of trickery, and they won't trust you. On the other hand, a powerful offer right smack dab in the front will get people reading your letter, salivating over it, and itching to get to the phone to order. 

Do you see the difference? When the offer is "hidden" the person is reading your letter with skepticism. She's fighting you mentally on everything you're telling her. When she knows "the deal" right at the beginning, SHE'S READING THE LETTER TRYING TO CONVINCE HERSELF TO BUY, rather than trying to ward off an invading advertiser. 

Here's an example:

"Insane Entrepreneur Giving Away Unlimited Reprint Rights to 661 Hot-Selling Books for $99 -- Not $99 For Each One, But $99 FOR ALL 661 OF THEM!" Plus... I'll even throw in my-Goldmine resource directory, which is jam-packed with every great vendor I know, including printers, order-taking services, merchant account providers, audio and video duplicators, and more.

And I'll tell you what... If you're not absolutely delighted with everything you get, you can return it ANY TIME within ONE FULL YEAR, and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid. No hassles. No hard feelings whatsoever. Fair enough?"

There's a lot more to say about offers, but there simply isn't room to cover it all here. Those two concepts will put you on the right track, though. Success to you!

1998 Brian Keith Voiles

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